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9 years old baby Sexually assaulted by Gbadebo Adebayo

Written by blackvibes
Mr. Gbadebo Adebayo & his Wife

A few weeks ago(around April 2019) the news of one ISOLOG GROUP OF SCHOOLS located at Alagbole Akute road Lagos broke the internet
where one Mr. Gbadebo Adebayo who has been a teacher in the primary section of the school for close to 10years was exposed.

This happened when a parent of one of the pupils found out from a ward that their class teacher raped and sodomized the children.
After much persuasion the pupil further disclosed that the teacher who was at the time seen by the School to be the best teacher for their class has actually been threatening her and several pupils for the past 2 years.

All efforts to report the Teacher to the School Authorities proved to be futile, it was gathered that a few students who summoned courage to make a report were flogged by the Head Teacher Mrs. Rachel Odutan the next day and were seriously warned not to mention dis evil incident at home else they would not write the upcoming 2nd term examination.
They were threatened to remain mute over the issue if they wanted to continue as pupils or face expulsion.

The said 10 year old girl who was in Basic 6 confirmed it was not the first time. She said he had been doing it since her Basic 5 but on this said day he bruised her so much that she had to cry to sympathizing class mates who were the closest she should confide in as she was in the primary boarding school.

Moreover the first time Mr. Gbadebo Adebayo assaulted her she tried talking to the Head Teacher who shut her up, calling her a liar without carrying out any form of investigation on the allegation.

This continued and in order to keep these evil happenings secret, this 10years old boarder was placed on antibiotics by the school’s auxiliary nurse (as authorized by the proprietress Mrs. Rachel Ogundipe) without parental consent, she was also warned never to inform her Mother.

When the “bubble burst” and parents went to the school to confirm the story, there, they found out that there were also other victims, but with much pressure and threats from the School Management some victims claimed that it was a case of attempted rape and backed out due to fear of stigmatization.
On the other hand, the Head Teacher Mrs Rachael Oduntan had quickly dismissed the teacher Mr Gbadebo Adebayo which gave him the much needed opportunity to escape.

The case was reported to Ajuwon police by the parents who were brave enough to speak out, arrests were made, but the proprietress of the school found a way to get the school’s unqualified nurse (who was giving drugs to the child), the Head teacher and the School’s Group Administrator (Mr. O. k. Olowe) released without making producing the rapist. They found a way to exonerate themselves from the case.
All these they did to cover up the case so as to save the name of the school but when the story went viral the Proprietors decided to take an ugly twist of events, the culprit who had disappeared came out from his hiding, and behold he appeared at the police station in company of the school’s lawyer, one other lawyer (who was claimed to be the lawyer of the rapist)and the rapist’s father demanding that the victims should be provided for proper medical observation because he was being framed up.
This came as a shock to parents of the poor victims as the girls have already undergone tests with a credible teaching hospital and another NGO who are following up the case. One of them aged 9 years is currently receiving medical attention.

The traumatic situation made the parents and the police decline the request stating that the police station was not a Court of Law,
It was also gathered that the wife of the culprit Mrs Adebayo had suffered severe beatings for previously reporting him to the police for raping a neighbour’s 15 year old daughter, yet the school proprietors Engr and Mrs. Isaac Ogundipe have succeeded in buying their way out of the case pressured and threatened the job of some of the parents of victims that opened up to let go off the case, as some are teachers in the same school. Due to fear these parents are unwilling to confront this issue. So far the latest victim who has been abused both sexually, and by excessive illegal administration of drugs over time with another parent seem to be the only victims crying out for justice.

Engr and Mrs Ogundipe keep circulating lies, calling the victims wayward and their parents as well.

He claims that one of the parents (whom he alleged to have the knowledge of the daughter’s abuse and did nothing all these years) is determined to destroy the school. Now the school is raising a cheap and ridiculous blackmail against the parent!!

How long will this injustice, intimidation, threats and cover up continue, why is Engr. and Mrs Isaac Ogundipe the owners of Isolog Group of Schools and ardent Ministers in Deeper Life Church trying to defend the culprit and cover up this evil to the detriment of the lives of these poor, innocent and traumatized children. Their own children reside abroad.

If these girls are denied a fair hearing and Justice will victims of such evil ever open up in the future?

If the School and the evil teacher are not brought to book then we wonder the fate of our Children most especially the Girl Child in Schools!!

The school has since last week (29th of April 2019) resumed for the 3rd term as though nothing ever went wrong.

Nigerians please come to their help?

It will be worthy to note that some years ago, the body of a 400 level 1st class student of UNILAG was found dead in the Primary School premises of this same School, but the case was perfectly covered up and the public fed with lies.

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